Friday, October 25, 2013

Jenkins, Maven error: Target repository cannot be empty

After applying the previous three fixes (see my other recent posts) to my Jenkins instance my Maven builds were still failing. I hope these posts can help others.


mavenExecutionResult exceptions not empty
message : Internal error: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Target repository cannot be empty
cause : Target repository cannot be empty
Stack trace : 
org.apache.maven.InternalErrorException: Internal error: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Target repository cannot be empty

After asking Uncle Google, I only turned up the jfrog code that returns the "Target repository cannot be empty" message.  After a little more prodding of Uncle Google, Uncle finally revealed that the Jenkins Artifactory Plug-in uses jfrog  JENKINS Artifactory Plugin. Now I had somewhere to look.  I looked at my Jenkins instance and attempted to set the Artifactory target repository, but the Artifactory plugin appeared to be corrupt, as I wasn't getting any place to enter the target repository. Thus it appeared that the Artifactory plugin was probably corrupt. This was most likely due to my need to downgrade Jenkins to an older version.

Solution:  I first attempted to use the Manage Plugin feature to uninstall the Artifactory plugin but it didn't actually remove it.  Thus I forcibly removed Artifactory Jenkins plug-in, by removing JENKINS_HOME/plugins/artifactory directory and the artifactory.jpi file. I believe there are still some xml files I need to hack but I'm finally back to building my software.


  1. exactly the same issue happened with me.
    tried upgrading jenkins, changing artifactory links & proxy settings & all sorts of other nonsense.

    found your page & voila!
    thanks a million!

  2. I had the same issue after a Jenkins+Artifactory update. I had to set the "Target releases/snapshot repository" in the jenkins project configuration (section Artifactory) which was blank after update (originally set).